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Build a better mobile solution - Mobile Web & Apps

Mobile Site Design/App Development

New Media Mobility can help design and implement a mobile website or downloadable App for your business. There are many differences between the typical App you might download compared to a mobile friendly website. It's our job as experts to determine your best solution and help guide you throughout the way.

Mobile Web Facts

  • Since 2008 Mobile Data Traffic is up 3000% and is projected
    to increase 40 fold over the next 5 years.

  • As of 2012, there are over 1.2 billion mobile web users
    worldwide - over 17% of the world’s population.

  • When searching on a mobile device, Google Places now
    ranks mobile companies ahead of non-mobile ones.

  • 84% of small businesses that optimize for mobile report
    increases in business.

  • A recent report from Morgan Stanley suggests that by
    2014 mobile will be the primary source of web traffic.

  • In 2011, smartphone shipments surpassed desktop computer
    shipments for the first time ever

  • 95% of smartphone owners report having searched for local
    businesses with their phone and 90% of those users have
    acted within 24 hours

Hosting/Design Options

All packages and proposals are designed for the small business owner - for the past 10 years our philosophy has been to support local business. Pricing is fair, honest and always with your business in mind. To request a quote, call or meeting - please contact us today!

Option Details

  • Standard Mobile Site
    Design Package: 
    Our mobile site designer will discuss a strategy for optimizing your website for mobile users.  All content changes/site changes are free of charge during the design process.  One year of mobile site hosting & content management services $180.00 value is included in the standard design package.

  • Managed Mobile Site Hosting: 
    Just like standard websites, mobile site require web hosting to publish your message across the Internet.  Our managed mobile site hosting includes content changes to your site - no more worries about design charges for simple changes!

  • Managed Marketing
    Mobile Site Hosting: 

    Add special promotions or programs exclusive to your mobile site to help drive customers into your door today.  Let our managed marketing mobile site hosting build and manage special content sections on your site to drive business.

  • iPhone & Android
    App Development:  

    For customers requiring a downloadable App, we use a platform that allows either a managed solution or a self-managed option. We can set things up - you can drive!

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